Anna-Maija Nyman

Anna-Maija Nyman is a Finnish circus and pole dance artist based in Stockholm, Sweden. She is known as a dedicated performer and creator who works hard and lives and breathes for pole and aerial. Her disciplines are pole dance, aerial pole, chinese pole and aerial straps.

Anna-Maija came into pole dance by a happy accident in 2012. With a background of competitive cheerleading she fell immediately in love with the challenging combination of strength, flexibility, acrobatics and grace.

In 2013 Anna-Maija won her first competition and few months later she became the Swedish National Champion. This is when her ordinary life as a law student changed for good and she got carried away with traveling as a freelancer pole instructor and performer. Besides her part time job in finance Anna-Maija has taught or performed in closer to 20 countries and still counting.

The pole journey of Anna-Maija started as fitness-based training but through the years her style has grown into more artistic direction. For Anna-Maija pole is all about expression, creativity and freedom to explore different styles of movement.

After years of competing within pole dance, Anna-Maija discovered the world of circus that opened her eyes for new disciplines. She is currently focusing on her carreer as a professional performer.

    Pole dance merits:

  • 5 x Swedish National Champion (2013, 2014, 2015, 2018, 2019)
  • POSA Open 2019 (Winner)
  • PSO Austria 2019 (Winner)
  • Pole Theatre Scandinavia 2018 (Overall Winner)
  • POSA Nordic Championships 2018 (Winner)
  • Las Vegas Pole Expo Classic 2017 (Winner)
  • Pole Art Italy 2016 (Winner)

  • IPC 2018 (finalist)
  • POSA World Championships 2019 (finalist, 5th place)
  • POSA World Championships 2018 (finalist, 4th place)

  • Battle of the Pole 2018 (2nd place)
  • Pole Dance Competition Denmark 2017 (Winner)
  • Swiss Pole Art 2016 (2nd Place)
  • Pole Art Spain 2015 (2nd place)
  • PSO European Pole Championships 2014 (2nd place)
  • Battle of The Pole 2013 (Amateur Winner)