Pole Night Showcase

I'm available for shows and guest performances in public and private events and pole competitions.

In case of not poles with a truss system provided I also have a portable pole that works in any space with over 3m ceiling height.

Please contact for price info and bookings.

Workshops & private classes


I'm available worldwide for workshops and private classes. I offer following workshops:

Tricks & transitions – Anna-Maija‘s signature tricks, dynamic combinations and power spins. This class consists of unique transitions, explosive tricks and graceful spinning pole combinations. Three levels available: beginner (no inverts), intermediate & advanced.

Acro pole – Dynamic tricks, flips and drops! This workshop is for advanced students and includes Chinese pole techniques, acrobatic tricks in the air and on the floor using the pole, pole flips and rapid combinations into drops and leg hangs.

Power spinning – This advanced level static pole workshop is all about power spins and learning to use momentum. We focus on spin technique, different kind of entrances and variations of power spins and handspring tricks, transitions and re-grips.

Flow′mo Exotic – Flow′mo exotic is a sensual pole flow class where high heels are recommended. The class is about elegant movement and transitioning on and off pole and taking the hair flicks up in the air!

Power workout – This hard core workout is all about pole technique and power moves! During this class there is no such thing as "wrong" side. Half of the workshop consists of strengthening and basic pole technique exercises both on and off pole. Rest of the workshop is for power moves such as deadlifts, planches and handstands.

Workshops can also be designed for specific level or requests or requirements so please contact me for further details.