Pole dance: freestanding pole

  • Suitable for any venue!
  • Requires no rigging and doesn’t leave any marks on the ceiling or the floor
  • Weight 80kg (comes in parts - can be transported in a regular car)
  • Minimum ceiling height 3m
Stage pole

Chinese Pole

  • Requires 4 floor hooks or 4 counter weights
  • Height: 5,5m
  • Weight about 40kg, comes in 4 parts
Chinese pole

Aerial pole

  • Aerial apparatus
  • Requires one professionally installed aerial rigging point with a work load of min. 1000kg.
  • Weight 13kg, total height 260cm (comes in 2 parts)
  • Minimum ceiling height 4m
Flying pole

Pole dance: rigged poles

  • Up to 4m ceiling height and with suitable ceiling material it’s possible to install a ceiling mount
  • Over 4m ceiling height requires installation of a stable & safe truss system
  • Truss system needs to be provided by event organizer
Rigged pole

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