Pole Art

I came into pole dance by a happy accident in early 2012. I fell immediately in love with the challenging combination of strength, flexibility, acrobatics and grace. Sooner that I realized, pole had become my passion. With a background of competitive cheerleading I started to develop the basic pole skills with ease and after few months of pole dancing I was introduced to flexibility training and contortion. The more I learned the more ambitious I became.

I won my first competition in January 2013 and few months later I became the Swedish Pole Dance Champion. This is when my life became a roller coaster and I've enjoyed every minute of this exciting journey.

Currently I work - besides my work in a bank - as a freelancer pole instructor and performer. Pole has taken me to Macao, China where I worked as a professional pole artist, to multiple international competitions both as a competitor and judge, to a touring christmas show Julgalan 2015, and teaching workshops all around the Europe.

I come originally from Finland but I live in Stockholm, Sweden where I teach regularly at North Pole Studio. I also perform with Aerialism - the Company that showcases the elite level pole dance in Sweden.

My style on pole is dynamic and acrobatic and I get a lot of inspiration from circus and Chinese pole. As a performer I am known for my dynamic and unique trick combinations performed with grace and elegance.